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Portraits of the deep Angola Margin CROZET 2006
Hermes canyon cruise Meteor Coral Cruise (under construction) Sea Birds on the North East coast
Ythan Estuary Oceanlab General Interest

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japan 7703m

The world's deepest ever video of live fish. Lirarids Filmed at 7703m in the Japan Trench, October 2008


Shrimp Deep sea shrimp filmed at 6007m in the Kermadec Trench, July 2007
Marianas Trench Grenadier (Rat tail). Filmed at 5469m on the edge of the Marianas Trench, November 2007.



Left. An Ostracod, One of the animals known to produce bioluminescence.

Right. A fantastic display of luminescence observed at 1000m depth where some of the light explosions produced are the size of footballs.

Deployment of the ISIT Lander

Deployment of the ISIT lander used to research spontaneous and stimulated bioluminescence in the water column and benthic boundary layer to depths in excess of 4000m.


Profile Mode Bioluminescence filmed using the ISIT lander in Profile mode as it falls through the water column
Baited Mode

Bioluminescence filmed using the ISIT lander in baited mode to view the sea floor.


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FRESP lander
Autonomous Fish Respirometer (FRESP)
High-speed video lander
High-speed video lander (SPRINT)

Watch the Ythan tides in the month of June 2005